1. And the rest of us are not treated like human beings. Period.(x)

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    1. White people: *reads/watches a book/movie about a Dystopian world* wow those poor people being oppressed by the government and authority.they have every right to fight back and should start a revolt.Nobody should be treated this way!
    2. POC: *actually oppressed by government and police authority*
    3. *are prosecuted each and everyday*
    4. *gets killed and beaten by the police while being unarmed*
    5. *gets Fed up and start protesting against all this*
    6. White people: ..
    7. ...
    8. ...
    9. Wow like I understand that racial minorities are angry but that doesn't give them the right to riot and say that you hate the police and white people.You don't fight fire with fire! This isn't about race unless you make it about race! #weallbleedred
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    thank you


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    People love to forget Michael Jackson’s blackness

    people love to think that Michael Jackson forgot his blackness


    Because of how relevant this is, I will forever repost.

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    Protect yourself from teargas. Palestinians send solidarity and advice to peaceful demonstrations facing police crackdown in Ferguson.

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    You can change the direction this train is moving just by thinking about it.

    This fucked me up.


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  7. Black people police themselves so much in public



    And they don’t even think about it. Don’t talk too loud, don’t make too many requests, don’t complain too forcefully about shitty service, put up with weird ass slightly racial compliments. And sometimes we joke about it like “lol! Better not do (normal human thing) cuz then people might think we’re uncivilized niggers” but it’s a painful constricting way to live. And not a type of way of living that non-Black people will understand


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    Brandy & Monica | The Boy Is Mine (Acapella)


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